Thank you for install TimesOreForge.


1.Install MinecraftForge.
2.Put downloaded TimesOreForge to .minecraft/mods directory.
3.Start minecraft.
4.Click 'O' key in Setting display, which have Sound setting and more, and show TimesOreForge setting display.
And setting something.
5.Generate world and enjoy!

II.How to setting

You can setting intuitively.
Select ore and click setting, show ore's setting display.
Add and remove is literally.
You know blockID and metadata, you can add block manually.
But adding from list is easier. So I recommend that.
You can limit biome which is generated ore.
Additional emerald is generating to all biome at default setting.
(Vanilla is generating to ExtremeHills and ExtremeHillsEdge only.)
Additional ores is zero of default setting.
Warning:maxLumpsPerChunk exclude vanilla generating amount.
GenerateDensity is not absolute value, you use this value as relative value.